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Forbes values New York Rangers at $750 million

The Rangers have the second-most valuable NHL franchise, according to Forbes.

Bruce Bennett

The New York Rangers have the second-highest value among NHL franchises, according to Forbes. The Rangers are valued at $750 million, with only the Toronto Maple Leafs having a higher estimated value. According to Mike Ozanian at Forbes, the value of the Rangers franchise increased by 48 percent over the past year, mostly due to the various renovations made to Madison Square Garden.

The Leafs were the clear leader, valued at $1 billion, while the Rangers came in well ahead of the third most valuable franchise -- the Montreal Canadiens (valued at $575 million). The New York Islanders, who recently announced a move to Brooklyn's new Barclays Center, fell in the bottom five with a value of $155 million. The Devils were also in the bottom half, slotted at No. 19 in the NHL with a value of $205 million.

These values, of course, mean little to NHL fans who, at this point, are waiting for the owners and players to settle other money matters and agree to a new CBA so that the 2012-13 season can begin.