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Jets vs. Cardinals, first look: Jets likely playing out the string

After a blowout loss to the rival Patriots, the 4-7 Jets are likely playing for pride at this point.


After another team-wide, and perhaps franchise-wide, meltdown on Thanksgiving night, the New York Jets are left at 4-7 before we've hit December. It's not exactly where the Jets thought they'd be, not after head coach Rex Ryan declared this 2012 team his most talented and best yet in four seasons as Jets coach.

But reality is reality, and unless the Jets suddenly get hot, start playing consistently and get a ton of help, the Jets will miss the postseason for the second straight year, and will play meaningless games through the rest of December. That's what happens when you're 4-7 and you've been blown out five times, thrice in your own building. And what a way to begin playing out the string than welcoming in the 4-7 Arizona Cardinals!

Those who want a change at quarterback aren't going to get it. Mark Sanchez is starting for the Jets, because Tim Tebow isn't viewed as a better option by this coaching staff, not to mention he has a broken rib. But Tebow will still suit up as the backup quarterback, not the healthy, National Title-winning Greg McElroy, because gosh darnit if Tebow is ruled out then there might be some empty seats! (Note: MetLife Stadium is going to be a morgue on Sunday, regardless.)

Do the Jets play this thing like it matters? Or do they start playing out the string, playing some younger guys and seeing what they have with their youth? Will Ricky Sapp and Demario Davis see the lion's share of the reps at linebacker, or will Bart Scott and Bryan Thomas, guys who will not be on the roster next year, continue to dominate playing time? Will the Jets give the more carries to Bilal Powell or Shonn Greene, the latter being the starter who has proved he's not a starting-caliber back and will likely be gone in the offseason too? With injuries at the already-thin wide receiver position, will Jordan White get some looks?

If the Jets have any brains, they'll start playing some of these young guys on Sunday and play them the rest of the way. Yeah, if the Jets win out, maybe they make the playoffs. But who outside of Florham Park thinks that's happening?

Jets vs. Cardinals - MetLife Stadium

TV: Fox

Kickoff: 1:00 P.M ET

Odds: Jets -4.5, Over/Under 36.5