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Thierry Henry: Red Bulls might block loan to Arsenal

Henry played last offseason for Arsenal, but a new regime is in charge of the Red Bulls now.

Thierry Henry
Thierry Henry
Mike Stobe

There really can't be any doubt that the New York Red Bulls have embarked on a new era in the team's history. New Sporting Director Andy Roxburgh provided more evidence of that recently when he said the organization may not allow star striker Thierry Henry to play for Arsenal this offseason, as he did last year.

"In general terms, I wouldn’t say it would be something we would favor," Roxburgh told reporters. "I think the length of the season we have here, when they get the break over the Christmas, New Year’s period, they need to regenerate themselves.

"I’d say in general we wouldn’t be too positive about it."

Henry, who starred for Arsenal for many years, played a few games for the English side last offseason. He has reportedly been training with Arsenal again recently.

Roxburgh replaced Erik Soler as Sporting Director late in another disappointing Red Bulls' season. The team also recently announced that Hans Backe will not return as coach, and cut ties with several players.

It certainly looks like things are going to be different for the Red Bulls next season. What are your thoughts, Red Bulls fans?