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Mike D'Antoni discusses 'trying circumstances' with Knicks

Former Knicks coach Mike D'Antoni discusses his time in New York.

Jeff Gross

Los Angeles Lakers head coach Mike D'Antoni discussed his time as the head coach of the New York Knicks in a recent interview with Mason and Ireland on ESPN Radio Los Angeles.

D'Antoni described his time with the Knicks as a period of "trying circumstances" that were clouded with a lack of practices, a handful of injuries, fatigued players and overwhelming expectations for a newly formed team, via

"The simple line, we did have trying circumstances, and a lot of that was no practices, people playing tired, hurt, a brand new team coming together and they want you to win a championship. So that creates a lot of pressure."

He went on to explain that with all the pressure around the team, he felt as though he needed to remove obstacles and put pressure on players in an attempt to bring the team together. The biggest obstacle, in his opinion, was himself, which resulted in his decision to resign as head coach on March 14.

He explained that he was happy with the result but admitted he would never want to do it again. D'Antoni ultimately views his time with the Knicks as a learning experience.