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Marlins-Blue Jays trade: New York Yankees will feel impact

Miami Marlins' owner Jeffrey Loria.
Miami Marlins' owner Jeffrey Loria.
Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

The massive Miami Marlins-Toronto Blue Jays trade has implications for all of baseball.

The salary-dumping, poorly-run Marlins are a disgrace to the sport. They spent a boatload of cash, got their new ballpark and now have taken all of that and slapped their fans -- if there are any left -- and baseball in the face.

Here is SB Nation's Grant Brisbee on the last year with the Marlins:

There were new uniforms. The new logos looked like birds of paradise bathing with a plugged-in toaster, but we were going to get used to them. There was a fish tank and a curious sculpture in the outfield, which were just wacky enough to work. It was all very exciting.

Then there was the spending spree. The Marlins signed Heath Bell. They signed Jose Reyes. They signed Mark Buehrle. They made huge offers to Albert Pujols and Prince Fielder. They were running around the Winter Meetings with cartoonish sacks of cash, and they were throwing it around like Confederate money and the war was about to end.

It wasn't just a move to a new park. It was a complete re-branding. It was meticulously calculated and patiently executed. You know the Marlins had good offers for Johnson at his peak. The same goes for Hanley Ramirez. They held off. Gotta build a team for the new ballpark. The Marlins even changed their name. Everything about them was going to be different. Remember that time when they won the World Series and then traded away all of their talented players? That was the Florida Marlins. I think they played in the Federal League. But the Miami Marlins were now a permanent force in the N.L. East.

It took one bad season for them to flush that goodwill down a $2.5 million toilet that had flamingos and spinning fish in it.

There are plenty of implications for the New York Yankees and the rest of the American League East. With former Met Jose Reyes, starting pitchers Josh Johnson and Mark Buerhle, catcher John Buck and utility infielder Emilio Bonifacio in Toronto -- and the Jays having done little more than accept salaries to acquire them -- there is a shift in power in the AL East.

This might blow the Yankees' plan to try and slash salary out the window. It might make the Marlins' one remaining star, slugging outfielder Giancarlo Stanton, a trade target for Yankees' GM Brian Cashman.

We will have to see. The only certainty is that baseball today is not the same as it was 24 hours ago.

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