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Tim Tebow: 'Terrible' Tebow turned on by teammates

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Some New York Jets players appear to be turning on Tim Tebow.

Jeff Zelevansky

Tim Tebow hasn't seen the field much, and thus hasn't been given much of an opportunity to show what he's got. That didn't stop some of his teammates however, from calling him out, according to

After another ugly loss -- this time to the Seattle Seahawks -- some New York Jets players appear to have turned on Tim Tebow, although they requested to be anonymous. One such player called Tebow "terrible."

Another Jet had this following nugget of insight, per CBS local: "We can’t win running that s—," he said of a Tebow-led offense.

Even more damaging, another player said "nobody" wants to see Tebow in as the starting quarterback.

[Gang Green Nation reaction]

Tebow completed all three passes he threw against Seattle, but for only 8 yards. He ran four times for 14 yards.

It all seems to have blown up in the face of much-maligned general manager Mike Tannenbaum, who traded for Tebow in the offseason.