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Yankees' free-agent rumors: Torii Hunter, Rafael Soriano and more

The latest New York Yankees' free-agent news and rumors.

Torii Hunter
Torii Hunter
Rick Yeatts

It looks increasingly likely that free-agent outfielder Torii Hunter will not be a member of the New York Yankees. The veteran outfielder has a number of suitors, many of whom seem willing to give Hunter more than the Yankees are reportedly offering.

Here is more on the Hunter situation, and other Yankees' free-agent news.

Torii Hunter, free agent outfielder, won’t keep New York Yankees waiting long on his decision of where to sign -
It has become increasingly clear the Yankees are far from the only team that covets Torii Hunter and Russell Martin, and unlike in years past, when an almost limitless budget got them what they wanted, the Yankees are facing more uncertainty this offseason.

Hunter, the free-agent outfielder who would almost certainly do well in The Bronx as Nick Swisher’s replacement, now seems to be a long shot to join the Yankees, because the Tigers also are interested and may be more inclined to give Hunter a two-year deal.

Yesterday, the 37-year-old Hunter spoke with MLB Network regarding his free-agent process and said: “This is going to be quick.”

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