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NBA power rankings 2012: Knicks climbing to the top of polls

The New York Knicks have been ranked as one of the top teams in the majority of power polls heading into Week 3.


The New York Knicks are ranked as one of the top teams in the majority of power ranking polls heading into Week 3 thanks to an impressive 4-0 start to the 2013 season. Having registered at least 100 points in each game this season, the team has received a top-two spot in the majority of the power polls.

At SB Nation's poll curated by Seth Rosenthal, the Knicks are ranked No. 2 overall behind the San Antonio Spurs, which moved the team up three spots from their ranking heading into Week 2. Rosenthal acknowledges the team's offensive fire power and turnover rate:

The Knicks have hardly played any games, but the ones they've played, they've won. By a lot. While it's still easy to question how sustainable New York's success is, beating the Mavericks handily despite playing at a much faster pace than they're accustomed to and cooling off a bit from the perimeter bodes well. Ball control has been key in both directions, as the Knicks are first (Well, last. Least. You get it.) in the league in turnover rate and first in forcing 'em, too.

Marc Stein at ESPN also ranked the Knicks at No. 2 overall behind the Spurs. While Stein is impressed with the play of Carmelo Anthony and the team's defense, he questions whether a home game heavy schedule has given them a relaxing start to the season. With three road games coming up this week, Stein believes the Knicks' true nature can be assessed after this week.

At, John Schuhmann ranks the Knicks at No. 1 overall, with the Spurs coming in at second.