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Yankees' free agency news: Texas Rangers interested in Russell Martin?

Russell Martin could be hotly sought after on the free-agent market.


Russell Martin could be the central figure in a game of musical chairs involving catchers this offseason. After spending the past two seasons with the New York Yankees Martin, who will be 30 next season, could be one of the most sought-after free-agent catchers despite declining offensive production the past few seasons.

The latest free-agent rumors have the Texas Rangers possibly being interested in the right-hand hitting Martin. That same report indicates that veteran catcher A.J. Pierzynski appears to be done as a member of the Chicago White Sox. There are also reports that the Yankees are interested in Mike Napoli, who caught for Texas last season.

The Yankees would, from most accounts, like Martin to return. New York added veteran catcher Eli whiteside via a waiver claim, and now has a group of light-hitting, defensive-minded catchers with Whiteside, Chris Stewart, Francisco Cervelli and Austin Romine. What they don't have is an everyday catcher, which Martin would be.

The free-agent market is great, isn't it? A player who hits .211, which Martin did, could set off a bidding war.