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Miserable Monday: Giants, Jets fans having a bad day

Both New York teams embarrassed themselves on Sunday. At least the Giants still have a chance to recover, however.

Andy Lyons

Today is a bad day to be a fan of a New York NFL team. Both the New York Jets and New York Giants embarrassed themselves on Sunday, the Jets in a 28-7 loss to the Seattle Seahawks and the Giants in a 31-13 slaughter at the hands of the Cincinnati Bengals.

Where are New York's two NFL teams on this manic Monday for fans of both Gang Green and Big Blue? Let's take a look.

First, the Jets. If you root for Gang Green, your season is pretty much over and the Rex Ryan watch is officially on. The Jets are now a bumbling 3-6, and SB Nation New York Jets' writer Chris Celletti was in a venomous mood this morning in his 'Good, Bad, Ugly' review of the loss to Seattle.

Among Chris's more biting lines were these:

"The Jets have now lost three straight games and have as good a chance of making the playoffs as I do of scoring a date with Emma Stone."


"The league and the game are essentially crafted to keep teams relatively equal to one another. The Jets are becoming one member of the very small group of teams every season that aren't a part of that. When you are consistently getting blown out week-to-week, you are a bad football team."


"The Jets are 3-9 in their last 12 games under head coach Rex Ryan. For the past year-plus, fans and media haven't waited to jump on the struggling quarterback. It's a bit of a mystery as to why the head coach has avoided that same microscopic, nitpicky criticism.

"Is it because Ryan brought the team to two straight AFC Championship games in his first two seasons? So did Sanchez. Is it because Rex talks a lot and is funny? Mark Sanchez has dated Kate Upton and Eva Longoria. That's cool too, guys."

Over at Gang Green Nation, editor John Butchko wasn't in a good mood, either:

"If we are going to be honest, the Jets have likely reached the point of no turning back. Even if they are perfect, there are no guarantees this team makes the Playoffs. This team is probably too flawed to do that anyway. The good news? For the first time since 2007, Jets fans will have a stress-free month of December. No need for nerves. We already know where this team is going. Tickets for the last three home games will also probably be extremely cheap if you want to take your kids to see a game. Yup, it's that kind of year."

Yes, the Jets are a bad football team with a seemingly confused organization that isn't sure how to right the ship. Their season is effectively over.

The other MetLife Stadium tenant, the defending Super Bowl champion New York Giants are not a bad football team. This is November, however, which means the Giants are playing like one. The Giants' annual November swoon is in full swing after Sunday's brutal loss to the Bengals, the team's second straight and now their sixth straight November loss. The Giants are now 13-20 in November during Tom Coughlin's nine-year tenure.

SB Nation New York's Jon Lane got right to the point in today's 'Studs and Duds.'

"There's no beating around the bush. The New York Giants are a 6-4 football team with big problems they must address entering the bye week. On offense, defense and special teams, the Giants flat-out stunk against the Cincinnati Bengals, a team that had lost four straight games."

While taking what was intended to be a shot at the Giants, Ernie Palladino managed to lambaste both teams in a post penned for CBS New York. Here is part of what Palladino wrote:

It occurs every year, it seems. The Giants start off hot, and then turn utterly human in the second half of the season.

It's happening again, only it may be even worse this time. In a 31-13 loss to the eminently beatable Bengals, Tom Coughlin, Eli Manning and the defense turned into - gulp - the Jets.

Not that Rex Ryan and his crew had anything to smile about in their 28-7 loss to the Seahawks at CenturyLink Field, but even the most wild-eyed Gang Green fan had to have known where their season was headed, anyway. The Giants were supposed to rebound mightily Sunday after taking that 24-20 setback to a good Steelers squad last week. They were supposed to have this bye week to feel good about how this year might be different from years past, where big first-half leads evaporated to turn final stretches into nail-biters instead of playoff coronations.

So what did they hand us?


For Giants' fans there is some solace this morning, however. They have seen this act before, and they know that it sometimes gets better for Big Blue. Here is Big Blue View writing about where the Giants stand:

Every season under Coughlin there has been a stretch like this where the Giants look like the worst team in the league. Why? I have no idea, and I'm pretty sure the coach doesn't, either. We know, though, that two of those seasons have ended with Super Bowl titles. Point is, climb down off the ledge and don't jump off that bridge just yet.

The Giants host the Green Bay Packers in two weeks. Would it surprise anyone if the Jekyll & Hyde Giants win that game? It wouldn't surprise me in the least. After all, the Giants are wounded now and over the years that is when they have done some of their best work.

Still, all in all, this is a day for fans of both New York teams to be ashamed of their teams. For the Jets and their fans the 2012 season is pretty much over. The Giant and their fans don't know where this is headed, but once again the Giants are making things harder than they had to be.