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Rutgers basketball head coach Mike Rice 'safe and sound' after Hurricane Sandy

Scarlet Knights head coach documents experience of Hurricane Sandy through Twitter.


Hurricane Sandy rolled through the state of New Jersey Monday and Tuesday, and its destruction has changed the lives of many who call the Garden State home. One of the millions of people that felt the impact of the extremely destructive and deadly weather system was Rutgers Scarlet Knights men's basketball head coach Mike Rice, who documented his experience of dealing with "Frankenstorm" through his Twitter account.

Initially, it seemed Rice wasn't buying into the hype surrounding Sandy, which was about to pummel the New Jersey coastline.

However, its seems his attitude changed a bit when the rain and wind began to increase near his home.

By very early Tuesday morning, the Rutgers headman -- along with probably others living in the state -- had had enough of Sandy.

Luckily, Rice and his family made it through the night with everyone unharmed:

By daybreak, it was estimated that 2.4 million homes in the state of New Jersey were without power, millions more dollars of damage had occurred while six people died in the state's most devastating storm on record.

In the end, us here at SB Nation New York are glad everyone in the Rice household is safe and hope the best for everybody impacted by this natural disaster.