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The question of the week: Do you like the new wild card format?

Rob Carr - Getty Images

The New York Yankees control their own destiny thanks to Raul Ibanez, but they're not quite out of the woods yet, needing one more win or a Baltimore Orioles loss on Wednesday to clinch the AL East. This week the new wild card one-game play-in will occur for the first time. Automatic suspense is now built in, and winning a division also carries more weight. On the flip side, the wild card team with the better record had 162 games to show its superiority over the second team (such as in the NL this year), and their season now comes down to one game. There's also the potential now more than ever for a flat-out mediocre team to sneak its way into the playoffs with so many teams getting a chance at the postseason, and there is more of a chance for other one-game tiebreakers that would have been decided by a tiebreaker system instead of an actual game, which would reach havoc with the schedule and starting-pitching rotations. The Yankees would play the Orioles in Baltimore on Thursday if they end in a tie, and the loser would then face another do-or-die situation on Friday. What do you think? Do you like the new system or hate it?