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Bobby Valentine goes boom! Red Sox manager crashes bike in NYC

Elsa - Getty Images

The Boston Red Sox crashed and burned this season, finishing last in the American League East under first-year manager Bobby Valentine. Now Valentine has crashed -- literally -- reportedly suffering minor injuries falling off his bike Tuesday while reading a text message from Boston second baseman Dustin Pedroia.

We know that texting and driving is not a good idea, though people do it all the time. But texting and bicycling? Of course, riding a bicycle on a crowded New York City street is probably difficult enough.

Here is SB Nation Boston's reaction to the latest Valentine fiasco:

Bobby Valentine has been known to cause verbal crashes in the past (like threatening to punch a radio host in the mouth), but now the (soon to be former) manager of the Red Sox has gotten himself in actual harm's way. ...

While we certainly wish no harm to Valentine, and we're glad that he is OK, you just can't make this kind of news up. Only Bobby V., and only the 2012 Red Sox.

It seems almost certain that this crash is just a pre-cursor of what is to come for the Red Sox skipper. It really is hard to imagine Valentine being kept as Boston manager after the disastrous season Boston has experienced.