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David Wright contract: Mets want star to be 'The Franchise: Part II'

Team officials hopeful David Wright can take over for Tom Seaver as the face of the franchise.

Jennifer Hilderbrand-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

The New York Mets are entering an offseason of uncertainty, with everyone on their roster capable of being moved in the right deal following another lost season. The only people seemingly safe in Flushing are GM Sandy Alderson, his top lieutenants and the entire major league coaching staff.

According to reports, the Mets hope they are able to soon include third baseman David Wright in the group that will be back, but not just in 2013. The team owns a $16 million option for next season, but is hoping to strike a deal with Wright that can keep him playing at Citi Field for the rest of his career.

Wright is viewed by team officials as the perfect player to take over the role of unofficial team ambassador from the greatest Met of all-time, Tom Seaver. However, the biggest problem with the Mets plan could be Wright following Seaver's path a little too closely.

Seaver was with the Mets for 10 seasons before he was traded to the Cincinnati Reds during the 11th after he and the team were at odds over a new deal. Once his option is picked up, Wright will be set for season No. 10 New York and at that point he says he will test free agency next winter. That puts pressure on the Mets to get a deal done with the man they want to be "The Franchise: Part II" in the next couple of months or see him walk away.

It's easy to say the Wilpons can approve a big deal for Wright now at what they view to be market value and all sides will be happy. The third baseman isn't going to sign long-term until he sees the franchise is willing to do what is necessary to put a competitive team on the field again, something they haven't done since 2008.

If he doesn't like what he hears, Wright will simply take his $16 million next season and look around for a team that has owners with a desire to put together a winning team. As we saw with Jose Reyes, this version of Mets ownership will not spend above what they feel market value is for a player. Looking at some of the silly deals still being handed out to players without any leverage, Wright is going to get crazy money from someone.