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Dennis Byrd to have number retired at halftime

New York Jets great Dennis Byrd will have his number retired at halftime on Sunday.

Al Bello

The New York Jets will honor Dennis Byrd with the retirement of his No. 90 jersey at halftime of their game against the Miami Dolphins on Sunday at MetLife Stadium.

According to the AP, New York will announced its defense before the game with Byrd being the last name called.

Byrd was not only a terrific football player but a source of pride and inspiration for legions of people after being paralyzed on the field in 1992 versus the Kansas City Chiefs. Byrd was attempting to sack Dave Krieg but missed the quarterback and instead, hit head-to-head with teammate Scott Mersereau, breaking his neck.

Since that day, the Jets have never issued the No. 90 to any player, keeping it unofficially retired for the time being.

Incredibly, Byrd has regained the ability to walk and while he could never make a return to the NFL, has been able to live a full life.

In Byrd's career from 1989-92, the Tulsa University product amassed 28 sacks.