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Deron Williams says Raymond Felton is 'better' than Jeremy Lin

Deron Williams hasn't been shy about his feelings, saying Jeremy Lin isn't the player Raymond Felton is.


Jeremy Lin may have the bigger name, but Brooklyn Nets point guard Deron Williams feels the New York Knicks now have a better point guard with Raymond Felton, according to the New York Post.

"I would say Raymond Felton is a better point guard than Jeremy Lin, in my opinion," Williams said. Felton was brought in during the offseason along with veteran Jason Kidd to stabilize the position once Lin left. He is in his second tour of duty with New York.

Williams remembers that time well. "...Ray probably had his best year [with the Knicks] ... that half year he was there, he was averaging like 17 and nine. He definitely likes the bright lights, and they’re a good team with him," Williams stated. Lin is now on the Houston Rockets, where he'll share a backcourt with the newly-acquired James Harden.

As for Felton and the Knicks, they'll square off at the Barclays Center versus the Nets on Nov. 1 to kick off their 2012-13 NBA season.