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NFL Power Rankings, Week 8: Mark Sanchez dominates discussion in polls

Following an overtime loss against the New England Patriots on Sunday, quarterback Mark Sanchez is the topic of discussion in the majority of power polls.

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The New York Jets have dropped one spot in SB Nation's power poll to No. 19 overall following Sunday's overtime loss against the New England Patriots.

After the Patriots successfully converted a field goal in overtime, the game fell onto the shoulders of quarterback Mark Sanchez. Unfortunately, Sanchez fumbled while dropping back on second down at the New York 40-yard-line, which effectively ended the game and added more fuel to the fire that is the Jets quarterback situation.

With the exception of (who ranked the team at No. 24 overall), every major power poll mentioned Sanchez when profiling the team.

SB Nation's Joel Thorman correlated the situation to a time bomb as the New York media has been clamoring for backup Tim Tebow to take over the reigns. He questioned when the wheels were going to fall off for the Jets. Pete Prisco at kept the Jets at the No. 23 ranking in his poll and absolved Sanchez of all the blame, while admitting that others likely wouldn't share his view.

Brian Billick at moved the team up three spots to No. 15 overall and addressed the duality of Sunday's game.