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Alex Rodriguez trade rumors: Cashman still insisting A-Rod will stay

Brian Cashman says he won't look to deal Alex Rodriguez in the offseason, despite rumors the squad is trying to unload the All Star third baseman after his poor postseason play and subsequent benching.

The Star-Ledger-US PRESSWIRE

The New York Yankees' GM Brian Cashman reiterated that he has no intentions of trading Alex Rodriguez in the offseason after a poor postseason performance that saw him benched, George King of the New York Post reported.

Cashman said that he is not looking to trade Rodriguez, and although he "would take the call" if someone made him an offer, he would not deal him, calling him "an above-average third baseman."

Speculation that the Yankees will deal the future Hall of Famer has been rampant since he fell out of Joe Girardi's lineup in the ALDS. First he was pinch hit for in Game 3, then he was benched for Game 5, as well as Games 3 and 4 of the ALCS. Now, many are wondering why the Yanks are stuck paying $114 million over five years to a player who finds himself on the bench in the postseason.

However, there's a lot of reasons why Rodriguez likely won't be traded. He has the right to deny any trade the team makes - although who knows if he would, after the way he's been treated and booed by fans. In addition, Rodriguez' contract is a pretty strong disincentive for teams to acquire him, especially considering he no longer produces at the elite level he once did.