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Garcia vs. Morales II undercard results: Devon Alexander outpoints Randall Bailey to win IBF welterweight belt

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This wasn't quite the triumphant return of championship boxing to Brooklyn.

In the first major world title fight in Brooklyn in 81 years, Devon Alexander outpointed Randall Bailey in a listless fight to win the IBF Welterweight belt to open Showtime's telecast of the rematch between Danny Garcia and Erik Morales at the brand new Barclays Center. Alexander won on scores of 115-111, 116-110 and 117-109. SBNation New York scored it 107-109 for Alexander.

When Bailey won the IBF welterweight title back in June, he sat back and waited to hit Mike Jones with his thudding right hand. That night, he connected, and knocked Jones out in the 11th round after being out-boxed badly to that point. On Saturday, he hoped the same would happen against Alexander, but it wasn't the case.

It wasn't pretty, as many expected, but Alexander did what he had to do, mostly staying away from Bailey's powerful right hand. Both fighters were reluctant to engage, and the Barclays Center crowd voiced their disproval, raining boos down on both fighters throughout most of the bout. In the sixth round, referee Arthur Mercante took a point away from both fighters for holding. On second thought, Mercante might have been the most exciting man in the ring.

Like in June against Jones, Bailey did land a big right uppercut in the 11th round, but Alexander took it well and was able to hold on for the wide decision win.