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CC Sabathia injury: Yankees' ace concerned about elbow

While recent MRIs didn't reveal any damage, Yankees ace CC Sabathia is still meeting with noted surgeon James Andrews soon with concerns about his left elbow.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

While previous MRIs have not revealed any significant damage, New York Yankees ace CC Sabathia still plans to meet with well-known surgeon James Andrews this week, according to George A. King III of the New York Post.

The lefty has had bone spurs in his elbow for years and he missed starts in August due to inflammation.

Sabathia is hoping that Andrews will have an explanation for the inflammation he's experienced after an MRI in August didn't reveal any damage to the 32-year-old's ligaments. The left-hander spent two weeks on the disabled list near the end of the season due to the sore elbow, which has now persisted for months.

As King notes, it's not clear whether Sabathia will need to undergo surgery this offseason, as doctors could potentially recommend simple rest as an option. After another season with 200-plus innings of high-quality performance in 2012, Sabathia is still owed $99 million through 2014 by New York.