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NFL Power Rankings 2012: Giants, Jets drop after losses

The New York Giants and New York Jets each lost games that hurt on Sunday: for the Giants, it was because they nearly knocked off a divisional rival only to fall short, for the Jets, it was a 34-0 pounding. Both fell in power rankings this week.

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It was a rough week for the New York Jets and New York Giants in NFL power rankings, as both dropped games in Week 4.

The Giants found themselves around the No. 10 spot in most rankings after the close loss to the Philadelphia Eagles. Although a few extra yards on a Lawrence Tynes kick could have given the Giants a win and have them surging in many rankings, they fell short and picked up some bruises in their secondary. As ESPN's NFC East blogger Dan Graziano wrote in ESPN's power rankings:

Same team as last year. Lots of holes and reliant on the QB to win it at the end. Kenny Phillips injury could hurt.

Giants fans, of course, are wondering how "same team as last year" is a bad thing after a Super Bowl championship. The Eagles are the top team in the NFC East by all rankings, so the loss isn't an embarrassing one.

On the other hand, there's no way to describe the Jets' 34-0 loss besides embarrassing, as SB Nation's Joel Thorman wrote in his Week 5 NFL power rankings:

Talk about a beat down. At home, too. If only the Jets had a quarterback on their roster who could solve all their problems.

The dig at Tim Tebow aside, the blowout loss, plus a still-undisclosed injury to Santonio Holmes, are disconcerting. The Jets are 2-2, but their two blowout losses in the last three weeks speak louder than the fluky win at Miami, and most power rankings have them below the 20th spot.

New York Giants

SB Nation: No.14 (down 9 spots)

ESPN: No. 10 (down 4 spots)

CBS: No. 11 (down 3 spots) No. 9 (down 4 spots)

New York Jets

SB Nation: No. 21 (down 5 spots)

ESPN: No. 23 (down 6 spots)

CBS: No. 22 (down 7 spots) No. 21 (down 4 spots)

2012 NFL Power Rankings, Week 5 (via sbnation)