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Boxing returns to Brooklyn: Fighter quotes

Some quotes from Thursday's press conference in Brooklyn, three days before four world championship fights headline the Barclays Center in boxing's return to the historic borough.

Alex Trautwig

Some quotes from Thursday's press conference in Brooklyn:


"I feel strong, I'm well prepared and I can't wait to show case my skills.

"I expect a lot of fans from Philadelphia to come. Everyone is coming to this fight. It's big.

"I always go for the knockout, the fans love it. That's what I do, I bring knockout power.

"Definitely expect a win. I've been training so hard. I'm too smart and I can't see myself losing to anyone anytime soon."

"Lots of people have seen my fights. Even though I'm not at home, I know lots of people will watch and they will see my hard work and effort in the ring.

"We're totally prepared. We are ready and anticipating stepping in the ring. We're very hurt over what happened in March and we have done everything possible to be ready for this Saturday.

"You don't want to miss it. It will be an explosive and historic fight. You will see an Erik Morales who is ready."

"It's surreal that the time is almost here to put on the show. I have goose bumps every time I think about it. It's a chance for Brooklynites to put Brooklyn on the map."

"This is something that I've been fighting for my whole life. For a guy who never had anything to have something, it's a blessing.

"Expect chocolate after I win and get my belt. Expect me to inspire. All you guys and gals that want to do something in your life and think that you're not a fighter, you are a fighter as long as you have your spirit and your hard work behind you."

"Mentally, I'm ready for battle especially after training for six months. It's long overdue. Physically, I made weight three weeks ago so I'm ready to go. I'm just waiting for Saturday night.

"I am living proof of what hard work and determination can get you. I've suffered, been paralyzed and doctors told me I would never be able to box again."