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The question of the week: Should the Yankees fire Girardi or Cashman?

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Leon Halip - Getty Images

Things don't look promising for the New York Yankees in their ALCS vs. the Detroit Tigers. With the exception of three ninth-inning home runs, the Yankees haven't scored a run in the series, no matter who's in the lineup and who has been benched.

If you're keeping score, the offense has produced 28 shutout innings. Miracles can happen, but if the Yankees go on to lose the series, should there be a scapegoat? It would be almost impossible to get rid of Alex Rodriguez, though surely there will be some roster changes, with Nick Swisher most likely not coming back. But what about Joe Girardi or Brian Cashman?

The GM constructed this bloated monstrosity, while the manager is about to fail to reach the World Series yet again after handed the highest-payrolled team in the majors. Are they to blame for the possible postseason failure? Should jobs be on the line? Is it time for a change? What do you think?