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NFL Power Rankings, Week 7: Giants make a push for No. 1

Giants and Jets both make strong moves in the latest NFL Power Rankings.

Stephen Dunn - Getty Images

In the latest batch of NFL Power Rankings here at SB Nation New York we have quite the shake up at the top, with the New York Giants knocking on the door of the top spot. Meanwhile, the New York Jets showed signs of life, but they have a long way to go before they get near the defending champs.

Are the Giants a week away from reigning supreme?

[SB Nation NFL Power Rankings]

1. Atlanta Falcons (LW: 2, 6-0)
- And then there was one. Though nearly losing to a terrible Raiders team is a bit troubling.
Next up: Bye

2. Baltimore Ravens (LW: 6, 5-1)
- Held on against the Cowboys, but a struggling D now has to play without Ray Lewis and Lardarius Webb.
Next up: at No. 4 Texans

3. New York Giants (LW: 8, 4-2)
- Huge statement win in San Francisco, but Ahmad Bradshaw can't keep carrying the rock 30 times a game.
Next up: vs. No. 15 Redskins

4. Houston Texans (LW: 1, 5-1)
- Getting beat up by Aaron Rodgers is one thing, but being shut down by the Packers D? Ouch.
Next up: vs. No. 2 Ravens

5. San Francisco 49ers (LW: 3, 4-2)
- New season, same result. G-Men own the Niners.
Next up: vs. No. 7 Seahawks

6. Denver Broncos (LW: 10, 3-3)
- Peyton Manning reminded us all why the Broncos are legitimate contenders.
Next up: Bye

7. Seattle Seahawks (LW: 13, 4-2)
- Niners might be the cream of the crop in the NFC West, but I'll take the Seahawks at home against anyone.
Next up: at No. 5 San Francisco

8. New England Patriots (LW: 4, 3-3)
- When's the last time a Bill Belichick team blew a 13 point fourth quarter lead?
Next up: vs. No. 13 Jets

9. Chicago Bears (LW: 7, 4-1)
- Even on their week off, Jay Cutler's ugly mug gets them knocked down a few pegs.
Next up: vs. No. 17 Lions

10. Green Bay Packers (LW: 16, 3-3)
- Aaron Rodgers got his groove back!
Next up: at No. 18 Rams

11. Minnesota Vikings (LW: 5, 4-2)
- 52 attempts for Christian Ponder when you have Adrian Peterson on the roster seems like a poor game plan.
Next up: vs. No. 14 Cardinals

12. Miami Dolphins (LW: 18, 3-3)
- The first place Dolphins?! Things just got weird.
Next up: Bye

13. New York Jets (LW: 21, 3-3)
- Who knew Shonn Greene was still on the Jets?!
Next up: at No. 8 Patriots

14. Arizona Cardinals (LW: 12, 4-2)
- Cardiac Cards have had four of their six games decided by an average of three points.
Next up: at No. 11 Vikings

15. Washington Redskins (LW: 23, 3-3)
- Quick, name another player on the Redskins offense. RGIII is a beast.
Next up: at No. 3 Giants

16. Pittsburgh Steelers (LW: 9, 2-3)
- Can't lose to the Titans and be taken seriously.
Next up: at No. 23 Bengals

17. Detroit Lions (LW: 25, 2-3)
- This week's beneficiary of the Mike Vick turnover show.
Next up: at No. 9 Bears

18. St. Louis Rams (LW: 14, 3-3)
- Relying on a 66-yard field goal to force overtime is usually a bad idea.
Next up: vs. No. 10 Packers

19. San Diego Chargers (LW: 17, 3-3)
- Norv Turner was doing Norv Turner things in front of a national TV audience Monday night.
Next up: Bye

20. Buffalo Bills (LW: 26, 3-3)
- A huge mess this season, but here they are in first place.
Next up: vs. No. 26 Titans

21. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (LW: 19, 2-3)
- Got in a good workout in their scrimmage against the Chiefs.
Next up: vs. No. 24 Saints

22. Philadelphia Eagles (LW: 15, 3-3)
- Had two different 10 point leads in the fourth quarter and still found a way to lose.
Next up: Bye

23. Cincinnati Bengals (LW: 11, 3-3)
- 21 fourth quarter points to the Browns?! That leads to immediate free fall.
Next up: vs. No. 16 Steelers

24. New Orleans Saints (LW: 24, 1-4)
- If Jon Vilma comes back Sunday, I wouldn't want to be the first Tampa player he unloads on.
Next up: at No. 21 Bucs

25. Dallas Cowboys (LW: 20, 2-3)
- Last place Cowboys? All is right in the world.
Next up: at No. 29 Panthers

26. Tennessee Titans (LW: 32, 2-4)
- Still confused how this team beat the Steelers.
Next up: at No. 20 Bills

27. Indianapolis Colts (LW: 22, 2-3)
- Understandable to have a letdown after such an emotional win over the Packers.
Next up: vs. No. 28 Browns

28. Cleveland Browns (LW: 30, 1-5)
- Put the Browns on the board!
Next up: at No. 27 Colts

29. Carolina Panthers (LW: 27, 1-4)
- Desperately needed the week off and now can put a nail in the Cowboys season.
Next up: vs. No. 25 Cowboys

30. Jacksonville Jaguars (LW: 31, 1-4)
- Bad news after the bye: they are still the Jaguars. Good news: get to play the Raiders this week.
Next up: at No. 31 Raiders

31. Oakland Raiders (LW: 29, 1-4)
- Were poised to hand the Falcons their first loss until they realized in the final 40 seconds they're the Raiders.
Next up: vs. No. 30 Jaguars

32. Kansas City Chiefs (LW: 28, 1-5)
- The Geno Smith watch is on in KC!
Next up: Bye