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Derek Jeter injury: Yankees' players react

New York Yankees' players offered their reaction to Derek Jeter's injury following Saturday night's loss to the Detroit Tigers in Game 1 of the ALCS.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports - Presswire

Derek Jeter laying face down on the Yankee Stadium infield in the 12th inning Saturday night was a sight no Yankees' player or fan wanted to see. The news that he fractured his left ankle is a devastating blow to the team's World Series hopes. Here, from YES Network, is the reaction of some of the Yankee players.

Andy Pettitte: "It's terrible. We've got a series we have to play. We have to win this series. Somebody will have to step in and fill that spot."

Jayson Nix: "It has to be said, I'm not going to replace him, but bottom line, somebody's got to step up and try to fill that role and move on."

Mark Teixeira: "We have to have guys step up. That's kind of been the theme all year. If one team is used to having guys step in to take someone's place, it's us. We've had to deal with it all year. It's really disappointing to have Derek out of the lineup. You know how much this game means to him, especially the playoffs mean so much to him. We probably feel more for him than anyone else who would go out."

Raul Ibanez: "That's a very difficult moment for all of us, and it's obvious what he means to our team. The way that he's been fighting and grinding through what he's been going through, the guy is a warrior. He's a gamer. It's obvious why he's been such a tremendous part of so many world championships."