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Yankees vs. Red Sox lineups: Mark Teixeira returns, batting 5th against Boston

The New York Yankees are currently tied with the Baltimore Orioles as they attempt to win the American League East. As the Yankees begin their final three-game series with the Boston Red Sox on Monday night, the Orioles head to Tampa Bay to take on the Rays.

New York and Baltimore have both clinched playoff spots, but the winner of the division does not have to play in Friday's Wild Card play-in game. Given the incentive to win the division, you can bet both clubs will be giving it their all as the regular season winds down.

Mark Teixeira, who has missed most of the last month with a calf injury, is back in the lineup and batting fifth. He is playing first base instead of designated hitter, which is a bit of a surprise. Here are the full lineups for the Yankees and Red Sox.


1. Derek Jeter (R) SS
2. Ichiro Suzuki (L) LF
3. Alex Rodriguez (R) DH
4. Robinson Cano (L) 2B
5. Mark Teixeira (S) 1B
6. Nick Swisher (S) RF
7. Curtis Granderson (L) CF
8. Russell Martin (R) C
9. Eric Chavez (L) 3B

Red Sox

1. Pedro Ciriaco (R) 2B
2. Daniel Nava (S) LF
3. Cody Ross (R) RF
4. Mauro Gomez (R) 1B
5. Ryan Lavarnway (R) DH
6. Jarrod Saltalamacchia (S) C
7. Danny Valencia (R) 3B
8. Che-Hsuan Lin (R) CF
9. Jose Iglesias (R) SS