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Super Bowl 2012 Media Day: Mayhem In Indianapolis

Getty Images

It is pretty much impossible to keep up with all of the madness that generally ensues at a Super Bowl Media Day, and the 2012 version of that event was no different. Media Day is over now, so let's review some of the wackiness.

We learned that Tom Brady of the Patriots does not do well with dragons. We learned that some people can make trash talk out of pretty much nothing (which, really, we already knew). We learned -- again -- that because his last name is Manning, the Giants' Eli will continue to have to answer questions about his brother, Peyton. We learned that Rob Gronkowski can walk without a boot -- which, gasp, sort of qualifies as something actually newsworthy. We learned that the NFL"isn't just a U.S. thing." We learned that Lawrence Tynes is a little bit nuts (Giants fans should know this already). We learned that some people like to impersonate Brady.

If you're interested the Giants have posted a Media Day Photo Gallery on Facebook.

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