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Super Bowl 2012 Predictions: Strippers 'All In' With Giants

Forget the fact that the New England Patriots are three-point favorites in the 2012 Super Bowl. In fact, forget all the other Super Bowl predictions you are going to hear and read this week. New York City strippers are picking the Giants, and that's good enough for me.

The dancers from Rick's Cabaret New York in midtown-Manhattan have spoken, and they love the Giants this Sunday

"I've met so many pro athletes here," said one dancer. "The Giants are my favorites. They are always so nice to us. I am rooting for them and I think they will beat the Patriots."

Another said: "Some of the Giants players were here last week. I won't mention any names because we respect everyone's privacy. What I can tell you is that they seemed cool, calm, and confident. And that's a winning combination."

What you really want to know, of course, is if the folks from Rick's provided SB Nation New York with any photos to go along with the dancers' predictions. Well, you will just have to go to the jump to find out.