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Tom Brady Press Conference 01.29.12: New England QB Knows What He Will Face

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady knows the New York Giants and their vaunted cadre of pass-rushers will be coming for him Sunday when the teams square off in the 2012 Super Bowl in Indianapolis.

"We played them plenty times, and they can really get after the passer," Brady said. "It really starts with those guys up front. Justin Tuck and Osi (Umenyiora), I've played against those guys a bunch. JPP (Jason Pierre-Paul), (Chris) Canty, (Dave) Tollefson, it seems whoever they put in there can get after the passer."

The Giants finished third in the league in sacks with 48 despite Umenyiora and Tuck being limited all season by injuries. Brady understands what he will need to do to counter-act the pressure.

"It comes down to quick decision-making," Brady said. "I put a lot of trust in my offensive line. It's a great group of players who have really played together for a while."

Tuck recently talked about the Giants needing to "kill the snake," meaning get to Brady to win the game. The ability or inability of Brady and the Patriots to handle the pass rush may well be the game's determining factor.