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2012 Pro Bowl Final Score: AFC Wins 59-41 While Jets Reps Have Quiet Outings

The 2012 Pro Bowl was about as exciting as anyone could have hoped. Which is to say, it wasn't, but at least it featured plenty of scoring as the AFC rolled to a 59-41 win over the NFC. The AFC scored the most points for a single team in the history of the game, and the two teams combined for the most total yardage ever.

Brandon Marshall was name MVP after catching six passes for 177 yards and four touchdowns. None was more spectacular than this, a richochet off his feet into his own waiting arms as he fell backwards into the end zone. Other highlights from the no-blitz, low-effort match include a Marshawn Lynch flop and a failed Drew Brees dropkick. And whatever this was.

If you are a New York Jets fan and didn't catch the game, well, you didn't miss much. Darrelle Revis had just two tackles and Joe McKnight did not touch the ball once. Nick Mangold and Brandon Moore might have thrown a couple good blocks, if you're into that sort of thing.

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