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Eli Manning Admits Facing Tom Brady In Another Super Bowl Is 'A Little Strange'

New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning admitted this week that facing Tom Brady and the New England Patriots again in the 2012 Super Bowl is "a little strange." Manning made the comment while appearing on the Michael Kay Show on ESPN Radio.

Here are some excerpts from Manning's appearance:

At what point did you think this team was good enough to go to the Super Bowl?:

"I think you always think a team has the ability, has the potential to make it to the Super Bowl. Is it always going to happen? No. A lot of things have to happen to make the Super Bowl. You’ve got to be playing great football, have to be doing things right and being smart and making plays. I knew there was a shot. We have talent on this team. We have guys who are committed to being good, it’s just, can we put it all together? … Guys have stepped up and we’re playing our best football."

On going back to the Super Bowl again and having it come as a rematch with Tom Brady and the Patriots:

"It is a little strange that when we get another shot to go to the Super Bowl, we get the same opponent. … We’re excited about the opportunity of going back to the Super Bowl and you never really care who your opponent is, you’re just excited for your team and your opportunity. But we know we’re going against a good team. There’s a reason they’ve been — Tom Brady and their crew — to the Super Bowl five times."

Is this team more your team than the 2007 team?:

"I never got into the deal of saying, ‘Hey, this is my team.’ It’s a part of a team. It’s everybody’s team. It’s not one player’s team. It’s Coach Coughlin’s team, but we play together. I think my teammates have faith in me. … Am I one of the leaders? I’d say so. I’ve been here one of the longest on the team and have a great understanding of what’s going on, but so do a lot of other players. … It’s not one person’s team."

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