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Super Bowl 2012 Underdog Giants Have Been 'Killing' Oddsmakers

The New York Giants have been surprising everyone the past few weeks, going from a 7-7 team to a team that has won five straight and is one victory from the fourth Super Bowl title in franchise history. The Giants have also apparently been killing sportsbooks.


The sportsbook Bovada has established the Giants as three-point underdogs. Bovada sportsbook manager Kevin Bradley said the Giants have been "killing" the sportsbook during their recent run.


"We could not have asked for a better Super Bowl matchup from a betting and a fans perspective. Considering this is the rematch from the great upset of 2008 I would expect this to be the highest bet Super Bowl this century and well surpassing what was already a heavily bet 2008 Super Bowl which was a disaster for bookmakers, losing seven figures easily," Bradley said. "It is no secret that we are not in the best position on futures with the Giants being our biggest loss and the Patriots" being the biggest winner, but with the line only set at New England -3 I am very curious to see if the public will finally back off the Giants considering they have been killing us every week for the last 2 months."