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Super Bowl 2012: Five Stories Everyone Else Is Already Tired Of

The NFC Championship Game was barely over when the Super Bowl XLVI hype machine was cranking at full blast. If you are not a fan of the New York Giants or New England Patriots, we know that you are already tired of talking Patriots-Giants. We are just getting started, though.

Here are five stories everyone outside of New York and New England is most certainly already sick of hearing, but will hear a lot more about for the next 13 days.

1. The Sequel -- Yes, in case you somehow have missed this tiny little fact the 2012 Super Bowl is a rematch of the 2008 Super Bowl, won by the Giants, 17-14. You will hear all sorts of 'revenge for ruining the perfect season' stuff from the Patriots side, and lots of 'we know how to beat Tom Brady and New England stuff' from those writing with a Giants perspective.

2. Tom Brady vs. Eli Manning -- Hey, guess what? Tom Brady quarterbacks the Patriots. Eli Manning quarterbacks the Giants. Before the season Manning said he was in Brady's class with the elite quarterbacks in the game, and has since gone out and proved it. Manning and the Giants beat Brady and the Pats once in the Super Bowl, and again this season in Foxborough. Yes, this will be the first time two quarterbacks with Super Bowl MVP trophies have faced each other in the big game.

3. Is Eli Manning Better Than Peyton Manning? -- The game is in Indianapolis, people love to talk about the Mannings, and Eli does have much more postseason success on his resume than his big brother. I will delve into this topic in detail at some point. For now, though, suffice it to say it will be talked about A LOT.

4. Tom Coughlin vs. Bill Belichick -- Belichick has 17 career post-season victories, third on the all-time list for head coaches. Coughlin has 11, seventh on the list, and has gone clueless old man who should retire to a coach who is being thought of as one of the best the Giants ever had and a possible Hall of Famer. The coaches will be compared and constrasted ad nauseum for the next 13 days.

5. The Catch -- As far as New York Giants fans are concerned any excuse is a good excuse to watch the video of David Tyree's catch in Super Bowl XLII against the Patriots four years ago. Patriots fans don't want to see it. If you aren't a Giants fan you probably don't want to see it, either. You will see it over and over the next two weeks. We might as well get you started.

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