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Giants Vs. Packers, 2012 NFL Playoffs: Teams Have Played Several Historic Games

The Giants and Packers will face off in the NFL playoffs for the seventh time in NFL history. We recap the playoff history between these two franchises.

The Green Bay Packers and the New York Giants have plenty of history between them over the past 70 years. The Packers defeated the Giants earlier this season but the postseason is where the legends are born between these two proud franchises. Giants head coach Tom Coughlin, has a connection to both franchises after he served as a Packers assistant coach in 1986 and 1987.

The Giants lead the overall series 31-23 as well as a pair of ties but their most memorable matchups have come in the postseason. Despite being based in two towns that couldn’t be more different, the Packers and Giants have provided football fans from across the nation with memorable moments over the last 70 plus years. Most importantly, every matchup between these powerhouse franchises has either been for an NFL title or the winner has gone on to win the championship. For 70 years they’ve gone back and forth.

The first two meetings came in the 1938 and 1939 NFL Championships Games. The Giants defeated the Packers 23-17 to become the first NFL team with two championships. The next year, Green Bay would shut out the Giants for a 27-0 victory. Five years later, in 1944 the Packers defeated the Giants at home. It would be the last playoff meeting between the two franchises until 1961.

One again they met in consecutive NFL Championships between 1961 and 1962. The 1962 game was a rematch of the ’61 game that Green Bay won 37-0. Amidst swirling winds and subzero temperatures, the Packers were able to defeat the Giants 16-7.

It took another 45 years for their paths to cross in the frigid temperatures of Lambeau Field in the 2007 NFC Championship Game. On that afternoon, the Giants picked off Brett Favre in overtime, kicked the game-winning field goal and brought Favre’s Packers career to an unceremonious end. Eli Manning threw for 257 yards but was turnover free unlike Favre who threw two.

The Giants dominating wins over the Cowboys and Falcons in consecutive weeks have many predicting another Super bowl run for the Giants, however this is a rivalry that has gone back and forth in recent weeks. In addition, there are many holdovers from the 2007 championship team that remember what the Giants stole from them.

The trash talk has ramped up over the week and on Sunday these two franchises and cultures will finally stop the talk, put on the pads and helmets and settle their beef on the gridiron.