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Giants Vs. Packers, NFL Playoffs 2012: SI's Banks Says Don't Live In The Past

The New York Giants-Green Bay Packers divisional round playoff game on Sunday at Lambeau Field in Green Bay seems to be all about the past. The Giants victory in the Jan., 2008NFC Champsionship Game that led to a Super Bowl title. The 38-35 game won by the Packers over the Giants a few weeks ago. The glorious histories of the two historic franchises.

Don Banks of writes that the remaining NFC teams all seem to be looking for inspiration from the past.

For weeks now we've heard that the Giants are in the process of waking up the echoes of 2007, and their improbable Super Bowl run of four years ago. It started with that narrow loss to undefeated Green Bay at home in Week 13, the one that reminded everyone of their narrow loss to undefeated New England at home in Week 17 of 2007, which seemed to jump-start New York's title run.

OK, we get it. There are certain similarities to be found. But it seems like everybody's got a little magic they're looking to re-create. Saints fans desperately want to believe it's 2009 all over again. San Francisco is fervently hoping this year is the first step in bringing back the 49ers' glory era of the 1980s and '90s. And in Green Bay, well, the Packers want to recapture the mojo that took them to last year's Super Bowl victory, and win back-to-back championships like those Lombardi-era Packers of 1966-67.

Alas, somebody's dreams of yesteryear aren't coming true. There can only be one champion a year, and it could even be a team from the AFC. And besides, I'm not sure all this living in the past is really that healthy anyway. They say the future is where it's at.