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NFL Power Rankings: Jets Open At No. 6, Giants At No. 12

Ahh, NFL Power Rankings. Fans love to hate 'em, sure. But, they love to debate 'em, too. With that said, our good friends at have released their initial power rankings for the upcoming 2011 NFL season. The New York Jets are sixth, according to SB Nation, and the New York Giants are No. 12.

Let's take a closer look at the rankings for each team.

For the Jets, No. 7 appears just about right. That puts Rex Ryan's team behind the New England Patriots (No.3) and last season's AFC Super Bowl representative, the Pittsburgh Steelers (No. 4). It also puts them slightly ahead of the Baltimore Ravens (No. 8). Yep, just about right if you don't try to factor in all of the NFC teams.

As for the Giants, No. 12 is probably in the ballpark. Pretty much upper third, but not quite among the best. For Giants fans, the annoying thing will be looking at this ranking and seeing the Dallas Cowboys at No. 10.

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