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Big East, Big 12 Reportedly Talking About A Potential Merger

The Big East seems to be on the verge of a collapse. The ACC just poached Pitt and Syracuse, and other teams are reportedly talking about leaving as well. The Big 12 isn't in any better shape. They've already lost Texas A&M this season, and now Texas and Oklahoma (the two big name teams in the Conference) are talking about going elsewhere as well. Do you see where I'm going with this?

Apparently, both Conferences have seen the writing on the wall and are talking about potentially merging the two conferences together when the dust settles and we can see what is left of each; according to ESPN.

Big East and Big 12 conference and school officials have been exploring ways to merge their embattled leagues, but talks have centered on an arrangement in which what's left of the Big East schools would blend into the Big 12, and not vice-versa, multiple Big 12 sources told's Andy Katz.

I guess geographical location isn't really that important to the remaining conferences anymore. A new Conference made up of the ruins of the Big East and Big 12 would have no History and would just be very awkward for a few years. But it might be the only way that both Conferences can (sort of) survive.