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NFL Power Rankings Week 2 Aggregated: Jets No. 6, Giants No. 16

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Everybody who is anybody in the world of sports media does weekly NFL power rankings during the season. We discussed SB Nation's rankings on Wednesday. The folks at Real Clear Sports have taken the rankings from many of the top media sources around the Internet and aggregated them into an overall ranking, which we will update here every week.

RCS uses eight sources -- SB Nation, ESPN, CBS Sports,, Pro Football Talk, The Sporting News, Fox Sports and the Sagarin Rankings -- to come up with its aggregate score.

This week the 1-0 New York Jets are sixth overall. The highest placement for Gang Green is fourth, by the Sagarin Rankings. The lowest is eighth, by FOX Sports.

The 0-1 New York Giants are 16th overall in the RCS aggregate rankings. Pro Football Talk has the Giants all the way down at 23rd, but the much more generous folks at CBS Sports and the Sagarin Rankings have Big Blue at 15.