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Fantasy Football Sit/Start News Week 2: New York Jets Edition

Plaxico Burress is a worthy play this week if he is on your fantasy football roster.  (Photo by Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images)
Plaxico Burress is a worthy play this week if he is on your fantasy football roster. (Photo by Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images)
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Let’s take a look at which New York Jets players you should sit, and which ones you start, on your fantasy football team in Week 2 of the 2011 NFL season. SB Nation is teaming up with numberFiree to bring you the best possible projections and analysis.


Mark Sanchez (QB)
numberFire Projection: 18.26 completions, 224.03 yards, 1.64 TDs, 0.56 INTs, 15.19 Fantasy Points

Analysis: Sanchez will never put up the biggest passing numbers, but the guy does not throw a lot of picks and he has terrific targets to throw to. Besides, the Jets are playing Jacksonville.

Shonn Greene (RB)
numberFire Projection: 13.96 carries, 60.63 yards rushing, 0.53 rushing TDs, 1.63 receptions, 9.85 receiving yards, 0.06 receiving TDs, 10.57 Fantasy Points.

Plaxico Burress (WR)
numberFire Projection: 3.85 receptions, 57.60 yards, 0.47 TDs, 8.60 Fantasy Points

Analysis: In his first game back after 21/2 seasons away Burress showed he is still a big-play weapon and a red zone threat -- which means he can get you yards and touchdowns.

Santonio Holmes (WR)
numberFire Projection: 3.92 receptions, 56.40 yards, 0.38 TDs, 7.95 Fantasy Points.

Analysis: Holmes is still Sanchez's security blanket.

Dustin Keller (TE)
numberFire Projection: 4.12 receptions, 50.31 yards, 0.52 TDs, 8.18 Fantasy Points

Analysis: Sanchez loves to target Keller. He is always a good play if you don't have one of the premier tight ends in the league on your roster.

Nick Folk (PK)
numberFire Projection: 1.46 field goals, 2.60 extra points, 7.55 Fantasy Points.

Analysis: The Jets should win Sunday and Folk should have lots of opportunities to pile up points.

Jets Defense
numberFire Projection: 9.06 Fantasy Points

Analysis: Jacksonville quarterback Luke McCown is making his second start since 2007. He might wind up wishing he was still a backup.


LaDainian Tomlinson (RB)
numberFire Projection: 6.52 carries, 27.57 yards rushing, 0.23 rushing TDs, 1.17 receptions, 9.16 receiving yards, 0.02 receiving TDs, 5.18 Fantasy Points.

Analysis: Tomlinson can still play, he just isn't going to get enough opportunities to warrant a spot in your lineup.