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Rex Ryan Would Rather Be In Cortland

New York Jets coach Rex Ryan would rather be in Cortland than at the Jets facility in Florham Park, N.J. — at least for training camp.

“I prefer to have camp up in Cortland. The reason I always said that was it gives you a chance where all you have is football and each other. That’s a great thing. You don’t have your families or anything else. I think it’s more of a bonding thing and you don’t have that as much here. Obviously, our facilities can handle anything. These are phenomenal facilities. We have five full fields, so this is as good as it gets, but I still miss that part of it. The way the schedule is set up, we’re getting mental work. We have meetings on top of meetings. Then, we have the walk-thru. I think we figured it was 24 practices as compared to 36 last year. That’s kind of what you’re (working with),” Ryan said.

“Obviously, there are no two-a-days or anything like that, so it is different. We’re meeting. Guys will meet until 10 at night, so it’s similar as far as the time commitment, but you don’t have the going back to your room. We used to do things (like) movie nights (and) different things. We’d say, ‘Ok, you get to vote on it. You have the night off, but you have to do some kind of activity,’ whether it was going to a movie, whether it was a bible study or whether it was going out and drinking beer. You had to do it with a teammate, but you don’t really have that now, which is a little different.”