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New York Mets' Ike Davis Not Expected Back This Season

The adventure that is Daniel Murphy at first base will officially continue for the rest of the New York Mets' season. Not that it comes as any shock, but general manager Sandy Alderson said that the team is not expecting Ike Davis back in 2011.

The 24-year-old injured his ankle in a collision with David Wright against the Colorado Rockies on May 10 -- and ever since there has been no real improvement during his recovery.

Davis spoke to reporters prior to Friday night's game against the Atlanta Braves and was understandably disappointed, but did say the ankle is "getting better." Of course, that seems like a marginal diagnosis at this point because if he was significantly better, he'd be rehabbing and doing physical activity to get back to playing.

According to Newsday's David Lennon, Alderson said that the team will wait another four weeks and then re-evaluate Davis. The first baseman will get a second opinion, from a non-Mets affiliated doctor, Tuesday.

The GM did say that if Davis requires microfracture surgery to repair the cartilage damage in his ankle, doctors say it would not impact the 2012 season and he'd be ready to go for Spring Training.

Credit the Mets for taking the conservative, slow approach with Davis, but I wouldn't expect this to be the end of this injury saga just yet. Mets fans know nothing ever goes as expected.