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NFL Players Ratify New Collective Bargaining Agreement, According To Report

The NFL players did their part on Thursday to officially complete the end of the NFL lockout by ratifying the new Collective Bargaining Agreement. The exact details of the new CBA aren't fully known as of yet, but either way, the NFL's new year is now officially started.

Fox Sports' Jay Glazer was the first to report that the players came to an agreement.

"Just got word from a source they have received enough votes! Let the league year begin," Glazer wrote on Twitter. "The players have voted to ratify the new CBA!"

According to various reports around the web, it seems the personal conduct policy that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell implemented will stay roughly the same despite some players probably not being thrilled about that. The players will also likely have to undergo some form of HGH testing, though details of that haven't been officially revealed.

As the details of the new CBA come out, SB Nation New York will work to continue bringing its readers the news (so keep refreshing this page!).