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Ahmad Bradshaw: 'I Always Wanted To Come Back'

New York Giants running back Ahmad Bradshaw told reporters today that returning to the team was always his preference, despite publicized flirtations with the Miami Dolphins and a couple of other NFL teams.

“I always wanted to come back,” Bradshaw said Thursday. “I’m glad to be here. There’s no other place that I want to be.”

What about those talks that the Dolphins were his second choice behind the Giants?

“It’s all in the business,” Bradshaw said. “I really didn’t know about the Dolphins.”

Bradshaw signed a four-year, $18-million contract with $9 million in guaranteed money. That is not close to the $21 million DeAngelo Williams got from Carolina, and not what Bradshaw thought he would get.

“We didn’t get what we expected to get, but I’m happy with what I got,” Bradshaw said.

Bradshaw recognized that fellow running back Brandon Jacobs’ willingness to re-structure his contract was part of what enabled him to return to New York.

“He loves me and I respect him more than anything for doing that,” Bradshaw said. “He called me when he did it and he’s like, ‘I want you here.’ Like I said, this is where I wanted to be.”