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Osi Umenyiora: Giants Pull Ability To Seek Trade

The ongoing saga between the New York Giants and defensive end Osi Umenyiora took yet another bizarre twist on Wednesday.  After telling Umenyiora's agent that he could seek a trade for his brooding client, the Giants have now withdrawn that permission.

Though there were reports that five teams were interested in the services of Umenyiora, none of them were reportedly willing to meet the Giants demands of a first round pick.  Instead, teams seem to have assigned him a value of a second or third round pick.

The Giants can still trade Umenyiora whenever they would like, but the agent can no longer be the facilitator for such a move. 

If he was unhappy before, there's no telling how Umenyiora is going to feel after he was under the impression a deal was moving in the right direction.  If New York is not going to change their stance about a new deal, odds are things are just going to get uglier until the two sides part ways.