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Kenny Britt: Which Way Will Ex-Rutgers Star's Career Turn?

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Former Rutgers University star Kenny Britt met with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell this week. It was likely Britt's 'get taken to the woodshed by the commish' meeting following several run-ins with the law for the current Tennessee Titans wide receiver in recent months.

Britt now waits for word from the league on what type of punishment he might face for his trangressions.

Britt said Goodell "didn't scold me or anything."

If the commissioner didn't, he should have. Britt, who will be 23 next month, is really at a career crossroads. The soon-to-be 23-year-old has had three run-ins with police in recent months and has two September court appearances on his docket.

Britt has shown talent in his two years with the Titans, catching 84 passes for 1,476 yards and 12 touchdowns. Question is, will he make the most of that talent? Or, is he going to fritter it away by continuing to have run-ins with the police and wind up as a guy who ends up with the 'troublemaker' reputation?

Let's see what Goodell does in the next few days. More importantly, let's see if Britt can learned anything from his trangressions and can get back on the right path -- one that might lead him to NFL stardom.