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Asante Samuel Won't Be Replacing Terrell Thomas ... But Kelvin Hayden Might

With Terrell Thomas having gone down to a season-ending knee injury Monday night the New York Giants are perilously thin at the cornerback position. There has already been Twitter speculation this morning about the Giants trading with the Philadelphia Eagles to acquire Asante Samuel.

That isn't going to happen. As Big Blue View notes, that does not seems to make any sense for either side. Why would the NFC East rivals make that kind of trade? The Eagles certainly do not wish to help the Giants, and they have no need for Umenyiora>

One player who is on the market and could help the Giants is Kelvin Hayden, a six-year veteran who was a starter for the Indianapolis Colts for the past four seasons. Whether it is a move for Hayden or someone else, it is apparent that the Giants need to bring in some reinforcements at their depleted cornerback position.