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Plaxico Burress Pleased After Impressive Debut With Jets

Plaxico Burress said he was “not nervous at all” Sunday night in his return to football after 21/2 seasons away from the game. The New York Jets wide receiver did not look it, either, hauling in three passes for 66 yards — including an over-the-shoulder catch for a 26-yard touchdown as the Jets routed the Cincinnati Bengals, 27-7, in a preseason game.

“It just feels good to get back into the flow, to get into the game and get live competition. To get hit, catch the ball, just get the gist of it again,” Burress said. “I felt like I was moving in slow-motion a little bit. I was in the place where I was supposed to be at the end of the play, but there’s still some work to do.”

Jets coach Rex Ryan was impressed with Burress, who had only a few practices under his belt due to an ankle injury.

“Really, he was outstanding. Really during the weeks (of training camp), you guys have been out there, we all see it. The (defensive backs) are like, ‘Wow, this guy is something’. (He’s) a great route runner and obviously he has that mismatch every time he goes up,” Ryan said. “You see we beat Cover One and we beat Cover Zero throwing the ball up to him. I don’t care who you are playing corner, you can be Willie Brown or Darrelle Revis out there, that’s going to be tough.”