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Eric LeGrand Visited New York Jets Football Practice On Thursday

Eric LeGrand visited the New York Jets football practice on Thursday, less than a year after sustaining an injury while playing for Rutgers that was originally expected to immobilize the 20-year-old for the rest of his life. LeGrand has been recovering slowly but surely, however, and the latest update on his road to recovery happened Thursday when he accepted an invitation from former teammate Jamaal Westerman to attend Jets' practice.

Westerman, a linebacker who recorded seven tackles for the Jets last season, told reporters after practice that LeGrand has been an inspiration to him and several of his New York teammates.

"More than a good player, he was just a good guy," Westerman told ESPN's Jane McManus. "His mom's nice, everybody's nice, we're a family out at Rutgers. So it was hurtful what happened to him, but just to see his recovery and how he's taken it, and how he's taken it with a smile."

LeGrand also has ties to Bart Scott as the linebacker is donating all of the proceeds of his "Can't Wait" t-shirts to a foundation set up to help LeGrand in his recovery efforts called the LeGrand Believe Fund.