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Aaron Maybin Wants To Look Forward, Not Back

Aaron Maybin, newly-acquired by the New York Jets just days after being released by the Buffalo Bills, After his first practice with the Jets on Wednesday, Maybin did not want to discuss his disappointing two seasons in Buffalo.

“That’s the past and I’m looking forward. My complete and total focus right now is on the New York Jets and helping us get to the Super Bowl,” Maybin said.

Obviously, Maybin has heard about Jets coach Rex Ryan and his guarantees.

Seriously, though, Maybin does have much to prove. Drafted 11th overall by the Bills in 2009 he started just one game in two seasons and never recorded a sack.

Maybin is hoping that playing for Ryan helps him jump start his sidetracked career.

“Honestly, when you look at his track record, you look at the things that he’s done in this league, the defenses that he’s had (and) the way that they rush the passer, they just don’t rush the passer, they have a great track record of getting home and getting to the quarterback,” Maybin said. “For somebody like myself, who really tries to take pride in that aspect of my game, there is not a better scenario that you want to come into, especially a coach with that kind of defensive mentality.”.