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Antrel Rolle Tells Mike Francesa Nevin Shapiro Is 'Irrelevant'

WFAN radio host Mike Francesa did his daily show from the Timex Performance Center today, where the New York Giants are holding their 2011 training camp. Francesa talked to a plethora of Giants. Much of what Francesa got his guests to talk about was mundane, but he did get Rolle to talk about Nevin Shapiro and the allegations against him as part of the investigation into wrongdoing in the University of Miami football program.

“He’s (Shapiro) really nothing to talk about,” Rolle said. “He’s really irrelevant at this point. I’m focused on the New York Giants right now. I could really care less what this guy has to say.”

Yahoo! Sports Tuesday broke the story of a nearly year-long investigation into the Miami football program. Rolle is alleged to have sought and accepted thousands of dollars in gifts and cash, as well as other perks.

Full Rolle interview

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